Marco Polo Hunt

 Hunt is done in Pamir mountains (Tajikistan) at the altitude of 3,500 m - 4,500 m (10,500 – 13,500 ft) a.s.l. Though good fitness of hunter is preferable, qualified service, BIG of sheep as well as EXPERIENCED GUIDES allow different ages and health conditions of hunters. We have guides, a doctor, cook and helpers in camp. Late October-November snow brings sheep lower for rut and food. Sometimes it is possible to see 50 – 500 sheep per day at this period. Method of hunt is following: early in the morning a hunter with a guide and a driver leaves basic camp by jeep. On the way they make stops and the guides thoroughly check over mountain pasture lands with binoculars. When they see a group of sheep they use big spotting scope to find a big ram in the group. Professional guides can say how big the ram is from a far distance. If they find a good one they look for the best way to approach the ram considering many factors, incl. hunter’s fitness.



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