The Ibex of Siberia, (Capra sibirica), more known under the name of Ibex, is a particularly wild goat. Its surface of distribution covers most of the Central Asia and of Siberia of the South, We organize this hunting as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and in Russia.

More particularly the Kyrgyzstan whose population of ibex is very important. Small country of Central Asia which is bordered by Kazakhstan, and China. Kirghizstan is a very mountainous country and the chain of the Tian Shan, most beautiful of the country, which culminates with 4,500 meters is the place of predilection of all the hunters in search of this splendid trophy which is the Ibex.

Climatic side Kyrgyzstan (as well as other zones of habitats of ibex) offers in autumn, period favorable to the hunting of the ibex, beautiful time and dryness (+5°C with +15°C). But the weather with the top of 2,000 meters, is often unforeseeable and rains and snow can fall at any moment at these altitudes where are held hunting. It is one of huntings more difficult. 

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