Dall Sheep Hunt

If you are in good physical condition and have the desire to hunt sheep, youshould take advantage of this. We hunt the white sheep in mountainous terrain and although this hunt may likely be the most physically experience, it can also be the most rewarding.

Dall sheep season is from August 10 through September 20.  In the boundaries of Denali National Park, then south down to the southern portion of the Revelation Mountains.

Moose Hunt

Moose season is from September 1 through September 20 in the area we hunt. This area has a moderate population of Moose with very good genetics

Single species Moose hunts are 10 hunting days with a travel day on each end. As with all of our hunts, relocating from one spike camp to another during your moose hunt is just part of the service we provide. Once a Moose is taken, packers are brought in to get him out.


Bear Hunts

Coastal brown bear areas produce numerous record book bears every year. Our clients have taken some giant bears for the last several years in a row. 

The inland Grizzly, though somewhat smaller in size, makes up for his size in tenacity and is among the fiercest animals on earth. Our clients have taken some record Grizzly bears and many are silver tip in color. We primarily do the fall hunts out of our moose camp, keeping an eye on our moose gut piles or in the blueberry meadows up high.   


Combination Hunts also available.