About Us


Canada’s Premier Taxidermy Studio


We are Canada’s Premier Taxidermy Studio for the elite hunter. We specialize in one of a kind art and bringing your memories back to life!

Started over 25 years ago, Orion Taxidermy has been creating original pieces that seem to bring the animal to life. Each piece is made in consultation with the client in order to portray their trophy in a realistic and natural form. We are known internationally as one of the premier studios in the country.

Our office personnel are experienced in handling domestic shipments as well as the importing of game trophies from outside the continental U.S. We work closely with you and your outfitter to insure all paperwork is handled correctly, and arrange for a smooth, safe arrival of your trophies through customs and directly to our studio.

Delivery time is important to us and we understand the anticipation of getting your trophy back promptly. Because we are one of the leading taxidermy studios in the country and all of our work is done on premises, we are able to produce world class taxidermy in a more timely manner.

If it isn’t enough that our name and reputation are carried with every mount, there is one more step that goes into our product – YOUR TRUST. It’s a trust that we respect and go to great lengths to ensure that every mount that leaves our studio is the finest.